Amy Roper Lyons teaches one- to five-day workshops around the US, and offers private lessons in her studio in New Jersey. 

Enameling topics include cloisonné and plique a jour; goldsmithing topics include  texturing metal, stone-setting, setting for enamelists, and CAD. Upcoming classes are posted below. Please contact her at for information.

2019-2020 Workshop Schedule:

(Open for registration)
Nov. 23-24 - Newark Museum Arts Wksp., Newark, NJ - Saw-Pierced Plique-à-jour (sponsored by Enamel Guild NE)
May 15-17, 2020 - Charmed I’m Sure Studio, Mechanicsburg, PA - Intro to Cloisonné Enameling

2020 Save the Date:

(Not yet open for registration, check back in Jan. 2020)
Mar. 20-22 - 92nd Street Y, New York, NY - Plique-a-Jour: Enameling Without a Net
Aug. 19-23 - Metalwerx, Waltham, MA - Topic TBD

Workshops topics include:

Techniques For Enriching Cloissoné Enameling: Adding Texture, Pattern and Markings

Learn methods to add subtlety, complexity and a gestural feel to your cloisonné designs. In addition to the basics of wire bending and wet packing, we will cover an assortment of techniques for incorporating texture, pattern, and markings into the cloisonné. Texturing base metal, using textured foils, creating a smooth color gradients, inlaying opaque enamels as accents, using underglaze and diamond burs for mark making, using foils to create a sense of depth, and more.  Playfulness and experimentation will be encouraged as students use the techniques to create a cloisonné piece.  Several different approaches to finishing cloisonné will be covered.  Students will complete a cloisonné enamel piece.

Plique-a-Jour: Enameling Without a Net

Plique-a-jour is one of the most challenging but also most rewarding of enameling techniques.  This class will break it down into a clear step-by-step method, revealing tips and tricks that demystify this beautiful art. Using fine silver wire and eutectic solder, students will fabricate a framework.  The enamels will then be suspended in the openings of the filigree, and fired without a backing, the physics of surface tension holding the molten glass in place.

The class will cover the fabrication of the framework, the application of the enamel, special procedures for successful firing, and methods for finishing the work.  Students will complete a flat project, and techniques for working three-dimensionally will be discussed.  Beginners will gain an introduction to an exciting medium, and more experienced students will deepen their understanding.  

CAD For Enamelists: An Introduction to Rhino 3D

Open up a whole new world of possibilities by harnessing the power of the computer for your designs.  Learn to create filigree ready for plique a jour enameling, or beautiful and unique settings that will transform your enamels into finished jewelry pieces, all using CAD software. No metal skills required! Especially tailored for enamelists, this course will cover the basics needed to go from concept to finished 3D drawing, ready to print out and cast.  Students will work through a series of defined projects introducing them to the commands and tools of Rhino 3D software, as well as a final project they design themselves.  Information on how to have the computer-generated files printed in wax or resin, and cast in metal, will be covered.  

Simple Enameling & Setting: Basse Taille Enamel & Tab Setting

Learn a quick and effective technique for creating a luminous and elegant basse taille enamel over fine silver, and then build a simple contemporary setting using tabs. We will cover texturing the metal for enameling, creating smooth color gradients, and using foil to add interest. a number of different tab settings will be demonstrated, many requiring no soldering to complete. Adding findings, like pendant bails and pin backs, using tabs will also be covered.